I felt entirely stupid when my window air conditioner component was stolen with my savings inside of it

I never entirely thought that somebody would truly split into my household, although I still hid my backup supply of cash in a rather foolish place.

I put my money in a plastic tote and hid it inside of the window air conditioner unit.

Then when I came apartment one day and went to turn on my cooling machine, I freaked out when the window air conditioner component was missing! I called the police of course and they were wondering why I was making a big deal about this window air conditioner component that was stolen from my home. They said I could truly just get another window air conditioner unit, and they weren’t sure if I would ever find it because window air conditioner units are stolen all of the time. I told them they didn’t understand, and after that both of us told them that I stowed away all of my savings in that window air conditioner unit. The cops looked at myself and others and one of them tried to hold back his laughter; Both the cops ended up laughing at myself and others because they said that was the dumbest place to ever hide your savings. They said I could have kept my savings in a bank adore normal people, or I could have purchased a safe that truly was difficult to steal from, however when they asked myself and others how much money I had in there, I felt even more foolish when I told them it was $5,000. They promised myself and others they would try to figure out where my window air conditioner component went to, however they admitted that the window air conditioner component was really long gone by now. I guess I’ll never try to hide anything in my window air conditioner component ever again after this horrible experience.


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