HVAC repair to help office morale

Hoping a problem goes away or isn’t as big a deal as it appears is not the same as solving that problem.

That program never works when it comes to acknowledging a situation exists & then resolving it. That’s why I am sort of kicking myself right now that I didn’t initiate the HVAC repair long ago. There has been a problem with the HVAC for a long time now & I just thought it really wasn’t that big a deal. The office that I manage has about 25 people toiling in it. Unluckyly, there is only 1 temperature control that controls the temps for the entire office. This has left some people on the outs when it comes to personal comfort. Additionally, the HVAC temperature control setting has created factions within the group who battle for control of the temperature. Initially, it seemed like there was collegial provide & take about the temperature setting. However, that changed a while ago & the HVAC situation has become a really divisive subject. Things are even getting personal. It should never have come to this. I stepped in a few weeks ago when I called the HVAC people to come out & repair the situation with an HVAC repair. They told me they could entirely change how our existing HVAC works by turning it into a zone controlled system. Through some slight HVAC repair labor they could make it where there would be 4 independent temperature zones within our office. You would not guess how a simple solution like that make all the difference in the overall morale of the office. That HVAC repair was a big step toward a unified office.


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