I will never trust that HVAC company again

When I need another HVAC repair, you can be confident that I am going to be finding another HVAC company.

After my experience with the last HVAC company, you can bet that I am not going to be hiring them again.

I just moved into this town, so I didn’t know which HVAC company was reliable. I don’t put a lot of stock in reviews when it comes to smaller companies like HVAC companies, because I am pretty sure that they make a lot of the reviews up. That is why I just hire HVAC companies through trial and error. If I find a good HVAC company, I continue using them, and if I find a bad HVAC company, I make sure to remember not to hire that HVAC company again. This was the first HVAC company that I hired in this area, and it will also be the last time that I use them. I knew that I was going to have problems when the HVAC technician couldn’t stay off his phone. He was supposed to be fixing my furnace, but he was taking forever on his phone. At first, I thought that he was looking stuff up to help fix my furnace, but I saw him scrolling social media instead. I confronted him about it, and he decided to do it more often. Finally, when he finished fixing my furnace, he tried to charge me for the entire time, including the time spent on social media. When I tried calling the owner of the VHAC company, the HVAC company refused to believe me and charged me less. I paid the bill for the HVAC company, but I made sure to never use that HVAC company again. I also gave them a terrible review.
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