I can’t guess the main character in this great show hides his trophies in an air conditioning unit

There are several wonderful TV shows out there, however there is this one TV show in certain that I truly like, but it is quite messed up because it’s about a serial killer, however the show is made so well and you really come to respect the serial killer in a certain way, and the show is called ‘Dexter’ and it’s about this guy who witnessed the murder of his mother when he was a child and he was saved by a police officer who took him in. The police officer knew he had a problem and taught him that it was best to take out the poor men in the world if he was going to kill people. The thing that was crazy about the show is that Dexter regularly took a sample of blood from his victims and he put his slides of blood in the air conditioning unit! Now I don’t suppose why anybody would assume to hide something so incriminating in the air conditioning unit, however of course Dexter thought that was the ideal hiding spot. I really kind of wonder if anybody in the real world would be foolish enough to hide something appreciate that in a cooling machine. I could maybe see hiding something inside the system of air duct because people usually don’t want to go digging around in there, however this was just a usual cooling device that was mounted to the wall. I don’t want to spoil this show for anybody out there who has not yet watched the series, however let myself and others just say that other than the foolish hiding spot for the ‘trophies’, it’s a truly great show. It has plenty of funny moments, tragedy, and romance.


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