She turned the heat off pretty early

I have been stuck in my lake house for almost three months now.

I think I am losing my mind slowly.

It was exhausting enough being at home when I had nothing to do, but now it is forced upon me. I cannot go to my job and I can’t go on my vacation I had scheduled which was going to be a real nice thing. My friends and I were going on a cruise for a little break from work. I can’t imagine being stuck on a cruise ship with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, I am stuck at my lake house babysitting my little cousin. Mom hasn’t started the air conditioning yet, and she has turned off the gas furnace. I am stuck in the home cuddling up to my pet so I can stay warm. When my cousin gets up, she is grumpy because it is cold and she takes the other dog. I miss the heat that comes off her body. Between my cousin and pets, they are like having a personal gas furnace to keep me warm. I’m sure that is why my cousin wants to have one of them near her. She wants to stay as sizzling as I do. I wish my mom would just turn the gas furnace back on. With the gas furnace turned, both of us may get more done in the house. Mother is always telling us that we could be doing some work in the house. She even went so far as to tell me that if we got work done, we would not need to worry about the gas furnace.



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