It was a shockingly cold day

Due to the scare, the government was nice enough to give us an additional couple of days to file our taxes. Since I had already filed my taxes a month before, this didn’t certainly apply to me, but it was nice of them. I’m sure that someday a person will remember the Tax Day that never was. I will remember it because of the cold. For the last few weeks, all of us have had consistent above warmer temperatures. Hardly any days were under 50 degrees. That was above what we usually consider normal. Mid March temperatures typically bring us a normal high of sixty. Up until tax day, the temperatures had been at or slightly above normal. Our weatherman had been saying that we should have temperatures in the upper 60s while I was in Easter week. You can only imagine my surprise when it arrived and it was so cold that there was frost on the car. I figured the frost would soon melt and the temperatures would go up like predicted. In the meantime, I lit the fireplace to get some heating into the house. It stayed so cold that I had to lit the gas furnace. At noon, the temperature had only risen to a balmy thirty-two degrees and my husband was considering either bringing more wood in for the fireplace, or turning the gas furnace back on. It was really a horribly cold day. It was one for the record books as well.


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