Had to hide baskets indoors this year

Easter has come and gone without all the joy egg hunting.

I still managed to hide some eggs in the backyard.

There was no hunting at the church or in the park. With social distancing, there was not a lot to be done for Easter. A fake bunny was hopping down the middle of the road, with the firetruck fifty feet behind him. My kids were upset to see that the Easter Bunny was all alone on the street. They wanted to talk to him and I had to keep them inside. It was really sad. I told them that the bunny would still come to the house. I had to find places to hide their Easter baskets this year that were inside the house. I didn’t want them to know I had filled them either. I hid one behind the air conditioning device, one beside the gas furnace and the other was behind the washer. My kids went on their merry way doing the Easter egg hunt that day. My little one was so worried when he was the only one to not find his Easter basket. The baskets were gone from the gas furnace section and the washing machine area. I didn’t want to tell him where to search, because he would think I had hid the basket. I asked him if he wanted my help. We headed into the downstairs to look where the other two baskets had been found. He was beaming with pride when he saw his Easter bin behind the AC device.


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