Moving our bird into our room

Just Last month, I had a brand modern Heating as well as A/C program installed.

It was 1 of the newer models, 1 that most Heating as well as A/C companies proudly advertised as 1 of the most efficient cooling system systems on the market.

I had the money, plus our air conditioning program needed to be updated anyway. After the Heating as well as A/C specialist installed it, I enjoyed the cooling breeze. The way our lake house was set up, our cooling unit was in our home office, which meant I had nice cool air blowing on myself and others while I watched TV. Then, when I wanted to be warm, I just went into our room, where I had the air vents closed, plus our room was nice plus warm, then unluckyly, as much as I liked our modern , our pet parrot did not. Since his cage was in the home office, he was close to the cooling system component at all times. This would not have been too much of a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that this AC equipment is a lot more powerful, plus now our parrot was cold, he would always ruffle his feathers plus start shaking. I tried moving his cage across the room, although he would still loudly squawk plus seem unhappy, but obviously, the situation wasn’t going to improve, so I decided to transfer his cage into our room, where it was still warm. I didn’t entirely want to do this, since he was quite noisy plus that would make it harder to sleep, but I didn’t want him to be cold either. After he was moved away from the air conditioning, he resumed back to his correct parrot activities.


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