Can a smart temperature control save you on your energy bill?

I am someone, love all the people, who prefers to save money.

Also, love all the people, I don’t want to spend a bunch of money to save money (especially when it comes to our bi-weekly heating plus cooling bill).

I try to look for affordable, easy ways to keep our pockets lined a little better with extra money. Besides setting your temperature control to a satisfactory temperature throughout the year (as cool as satisfactory in the Winter time plus warm as satisfactory in the summer), it matters what category of temperature control you’re using. Sure, you could set the temperature control to a more energy-efficient temperature before you leave for the morning plus then set the temperature control to a more comfortable temperature when you return, but who has time to do that? And, honestly, who’s going to always remember to set the temperature control lower or higher before they leave the house. Well, maybe you have the muscle memory to always set your temperature control, but I absolutely don’t. That’s why I have a smart temperature control. Since this is a programmable temperature control, I set it to keep the home warmer in the Springtime plus summer time plus cooler in the fall plus Winter time until I come home. Recently, however, I have had to remove that program from our programmable temperature control because I’m current home all the time. The fact remains that the smart temperature control is the way to go. Smart temperature controls are also just user friendly. They’re easy to use love the old-style dial temperature controls but have the capability of those complex machines of temperature controls that were programmable back in the early 2000’s. If you don’t have a smart temperature control, you should certainly get a single.

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