The window dealer did an excellent job

Mary missed the business meeting because she had to wait for the siding contractor at her house.

Luckily, my friend and I can take turns sleeping over for each other when the other is busy.

Mary and I started a clothing resale business a few years ago, and it’s been doing great. My friend and I found this woman who wanted help with her Grandmother’s big closet full of clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. My friend and I came up with the idea of choosing the best fits and selling them on Facebook marketplace. It started as a hobby or side job, but soon my friend and I had so many people asking for the same services. My friend and I both quit our jobs and have been working on growing the business for the past five years. Last week, my friend and I were supposed to meet a new client, but Mary couldn’t make it because she was getting her windows replaced. A week earlier, she went to see a window dealer to get help with her home. Mary wanted new windows because the old ones let in too much warm air in the summer. She turned on her air conditioner, but it wasn’t as effective because her house wasn’t insulated well. So, she decided to talk to a window dealer about the best solution. They sent a window contractor to her house, where he did a thorough evaluation. He suggested replacing all the windows, and Mary didn’t hesitate to get the job done. If the insulation was bad in the summer, she couldn’t imagine how bad it would be in the winter. The window dealer did a great job, and now Mary is back at work while my friend and I go to see our next client.


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