The roofers were being stung by bees

My friend and I have always loved to buy and fix up old houses. It all started when my partner and I had been together for two years. One time, my friend and I decided to go hiking in this new area and came across an abandoned house. My friend and I didn’t see anyone for miles, and we both thought it looked so beautiful that it was hidden away from the world. After hiking to a nearby town, my friend and I talked to the locals and found out it was for sale. The house and a lot of land belonged to this family, but the kids no longer wanted to live there, so they put it up for sale. My friend and I bought a place on a whim, fixed it up, and sold it about three years later. Recently, my friend and I bought our fourth old house, and we are in the process of giving it new life. The house is beautiful and has a lot of colonial features, but it stood empty and unused for a long time. This is why my friend and I first had to have a roofing dealer replace the old roof. There was no reason to try roof repair since there was nothing to save. Roof replacement was much better, so my friend and I could have sound protection for the house. My friend and I went with a local roofing dealer, and they were eager to get started. One problem my friend and I had was a big beehive that we didn’t notice when the roofers started working. The roofers jumped down and ran for cover when angry bees attacked. The roofer stopped all work until my friend and I got a bee removal business there to move the hive and angry bees.


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