She promised her a professional HVAC website

Daisy thought she hired someone to do a website for her Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation who was a professional.

  • She promised her a professional Heating and Air Conditioning website that would attract customers.

Daisy didn’t know if it attracted customers, because she didn’t know if anyone ever looked at the website, plus there was no way to be contacted. She was disgusted with the website and how ineffective it was. Daisy was glad she hadn’t paid her as much as she originally asked for, because she would be suing her. Daisy still needed an excellent website for her Heating and Air Conditioning business. Just great enough wasn’t going to do. Before she left her office, Daisy made sure she took the website down and closed the account she had for it. She wrote one last check that said final payment, and walked out of her office. Less than five days later, her spouse was contacting an online SEO corporation one of her fellow mentors commanded. It seemed like they talked about her horrible website more than once. Her child ran an online SEO business, and they had an Heating and Air Conditioning technician on their roster. She’d create and maintain a website that would make even the most strict of corporation owners salivate. Daisy laughed at how she described the website she would have created for the Heating and Air Conditioning business, and when she spoke like that. She knew why she was an English major. Daisy was hesitant after what the other web developer did, but all she could do was wait and see. When the Heating and Air Conditioning website was running, she knew her fellow mentor hadn’t lied to her. The Heating and Air Conditioning website was everything and more than Daisy ever imagined it would be.