Joining a gym

When I decided to get in better physical shape, I knew that I needed to join a gym.

I didn’t have the space in my home to set up exercise equipment.

The weather in my local area rarely allows outdoor activities. Plus, I had no idea of how to go about a training regiment. I researched the local gyms online. I was able to complete the entire registration process through a form on their website. I took a virtual tour of the facilities and was really excited by the many amenities. The fitness center provides an indoor track, group classes, punching bags, free weights, rowing machines, treadmills, ellipticals and so much more. Before my first trip to the gym, I went out and bought a collection of athletic attire and a new pair of sneakers. I felt fully prepared. When I actually headed to the fitness center, I became very intimidated. The other gym members looked extremely knowledgeable and comfortable. I had no clue how to properly use the machines. I worried about embarrassing myself and potentially getting hurt. I chose to use the stationary bike because it seemed very simple. I pedaled the bike for an entire hour. Afterward, my legs were quite sore, but I felt good about the calories I burned. For several months, I strictly rode the stationary bike. Eventually, I gained the confidence to try out the treadmill. I paid close attention to how other people operated the machines. Since then, I’ve utilized all of the different machines and equipment. I visit the gym at least four times per week and always spend at least an hour there.

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