I was working on the heater when the lights went out

Being a heating and cooling professional puts me into a lot of different situations, but usually I go with the flow and never worry about it. The only thing I am wary of is being in the dark. I have been afraid of the dark since I was little and my brother locked me in a closet to play ball with his friends. My parents found me three hours later, when they got home from work. I know it sounds crazy, however I never got over that incident. Whenever it is totally dark, I have panic attacks. I hate this happening, however there is little I can do about it. Every time I need to go into a basement to work on a heater, I hope no one turns the lights out. I work quickly, however efficiently, hoping the lights don’t go out. Last month, I was working on a heater when the power went out. I knew there was a storm raging outside, and it was lightning. I knew it was possible the power would go out, so I worked on the heater, praying the entire time the power wouldn’t go out. My prayers didn’t work that way. The lights went out, and I was stuck in the dark. I could feel the panic start. There were people upstairs talking, and I wondered if they remembered I was downstairs. Two minutes later, the door opened, and I could see light filtering down the steps. I told them I was fine, however I would need to come back and finish the heater when the power was restored.

Heater maintenance