HVAC flyers got me nowhere.

I never thought of myself as old-fashioned or cheap, but it was pointed out to me that was exactly what I was.

I wanted to get some new business for my HVAC company.

My wife printed up t-shirts and handed them out to the family. She said when they wore the t-shirts, they would be doing advertising for my HVAC company. I drew up flyers and walked up and down the street; sticking them under windshield wipers. Living in a community where I could pass out all my flyers to every car within a couple of hours, didn’t really give me much chance of getting a lot of business. My mother tried to tell me I had to go to the internet and do my advertising that way. She showed me different websites, and tried to show me what I needed to do. She even offered to do the work for me, and she wouldn’t charge me. When I saw the chart she created, I was astounded. She told me I was reaching less than one percent of the business I should have, with both the t-shirts and the flyers I was putting out. If I was serious about opening an HVAC company, I had to be serious about the type of advertising I was doing. She then asked how many new customers I had gotten since I started the flyers and t-shirts. I shook my head and told her none. She gave me the name of an online marketing company and told me to call and ask for their HVAC expert. Six months later, after following mom’s advice, I had to hire more technicians, and get two new service vans. Who would have known an online marketing company could do a website, and advertise for me.

Online marketing business