Andrea consulted a local roofing corporation after the incident

Andrea was terrified because she had never witnessed such a terrible summer storm.

On the stereo, she heard a warning that a storm was approaching her area.

Everyone needed to prepare for bad weather, according to the weather woman. However, because the typical summer storms aren’t that bad, nobody was in a panic. They do occasionally experience flooding, but Andrea was ready for that. When there were storm warning signs, she made sure to clean up her yard. Then, to keep it from being blown away by the wind, she tucked the deck furniture away. In addition to buying gas for the generator, Andrea went to the store to make sure she had enough food. These were standard precautions to take when a storm was approaching. Andrea was mistaken, though, as this storm was much worse and lasted much longer. She lost power as a result, and a tree also fell on her stone roof. When the tree fell, Andrea was in her kitchen and heard a loud bang. She was disappointed that there was a hole, but she didn’t dare go check in the attic until the storm had passed. The tree caused significant damage, and Andrea’s stone roof needed immediate repair. After the incident, she sought advice from a nearby roofing company because she didn’t want the roof or her house to sustain further damage. Two roofing contractors arrived, used some equipment to move the tree, and started fixing the stone roof. Andrea was so upbeat that she didn’t need to think about how much updating the stone roof would cost because that would have exceeded her budget.

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