Working on the furnace in the customer’s basement

Ryan had three clients, so he made sure to get to labor on time.

He makes sure to find out about his schedule before he heads home.

That way, he can head to labor straight after leaving the house. We had supper, then I dropped him off at the HVAC company to choose his labor van. At times Ryan does come home with the HVAC van, however the rule is to turn it in at the office then head home; Ryan’s automobile was in the shop, so I had to drop him off. He’d take an Uber later if I was still at the office. When my fantastic friend and I arrived at the HVAC office, we kissed goodbye and I drove to my workplace. At 11, I got some news that I had to share with Ryan, so I called him. Ryan was laboring on a furnace at his customer’s basement when I called. The connection wasn’t the best, so he said he’d call me when he was done. I knew Ryan would first finish the furnace service before calling me back. The news was exciting, and nothing to term as an emergency. So, I put my phone aside and waited for him to call me back. I love how romantic Ryan is about his work, and the way he treats his clients. He constantly says heating and cooling is pressing, especially in our area. So, it’s essential to deliver clients the best service. An hour later, he was done with the furnace repair, and in his work van when he gave me a call back.


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