Needing a whole-house whole-house air purifier

What mom wants, she gets. Dad does put on a fantastic fight, but he constantly gives in. It has always been this way. It’s the funniest thing to watch. At times I think dad just likes saying no so he can watch mom light up about some random thing. She is constantly going into long speeches about why she needs a new gadget at home, or a new car. They do share their income. He makes fantastic money, but mom gets everything she needs. This time, the argument was about the most random thing I had ever heard. I came downstairs and found them in the kitchen. Mom was in the middle of a speech about a whole-house whole-house air purifier. To be honest, our indoor air quality hasn’t been the best, so mom was right about needing the purification unit. However, dad said they were better off with a portable media whole-house air purifier. They’d have it set up in the living room, and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Hearing that made me think this wasn’t the first time mom was talking about the whole-house whole-house air purifier. Having done his research, dad knew it cost a lot of money, so he suggested a portable unit. This time, I watched mom stop in the middle of her rant, look at dad, and said she was getting the whole-house air purifier whether he was in or out.

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