Learning how heating and cooling systems work

Oliver was so kind to my son and I when we moved into the house next door.

I had just bought the dwelling, and knew little about the area. However, I loved how calm it was, and not too far from my kid’s school. Oliver knocked at my door as I was busy opening boxes to unpack with my child. He answered it, and there was this older-looking man with some lemons in a bowl. He explained he had a lemon tree in his backyard, as well as too many lemons. So, Oliver shares them with neighbors. It was so kind of him to bring us lemons, so I asked him to come inside and have some iced tea. After an hour, Oliver left, and I resumed unpacking with my child. A few days later, I was leaving for work when I saw Oliver seated at his front porch, enjoying the morning with coffee. I went over, said hello, and told him if he ever had any HVAC troubles, he could call me directly. Then, I handed Oliver my company card showing that I’m a certified heating and cooling systems technician. Oliver thanked me as well as said she did have some questions about ductless systems. However, since I was heading to work, we’d talk in the evening when I was back. He mentioned wanting a ductless system for his tool shed where he spent time tinkering with his old car. A ductless air system was the perfect solution.
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