It was costing more to cool your home

Are the prices of everything going up? To be honest, it’s difficult to keep up. For instance, my partner and I could buy a lot with $1,000 a few years ago. Most of the items were enough to last the entire month. But, now we find ourselves returning to the shops often to add more items. The same applies to fresh foods, and even things like fuel. Everyone keeps saying we are on the verge of a recession, and all the signs are there. We hope that things get better, however my fantastic friend and I aren’t holding our breath. The best thing to do has been to split our spending budget, then now, my fantastic friend and I are even forgoing eating out and ordering meals. Instead, we meal-prep at home and strive to stick to a budget each week. The other day, we were doing our yearly budget and noted we are spending so much to cool our home. Each summer, the bill got higher and higher – twice as high one time during a severe heat wave. That prompted us to find ways to keep our house cool without needing to run the AC the entire time. An acquaintance sent us an article from a HVAC blog with tips on how to lower your cooling costs. We found most of the suggestions to be practical, and chose to implement some. First, we’d have the air conditioning running less when we were at work. We got heavier drapes to keep the sun out, and the house cool. We also had an expert come do a tune up to ensure the component was laboring efficiently. So far, so good.

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