I borrowed my girlfriends space heater

When I found out that my girlfriend got a new space here I was just trying to try it.

In fact I think that I was probably more excited about her space heater than she was! I had heard all about space heaters and I knew that they were a great way to keep your home warm during the winter if you wanted an alternative form of heating.

The great thing about a space heater is that it’s portable and that was something that I loved about space heating systems. Well I didn’t have a space heating system myself, I have been dying to give him a try. I hadn’t even mentioned that I wanted a space heater to my girlfriend. I guess we just share a common thought because I found out this weekend that she bought one when she told me that she had purchased the space heater because she thought that they were going to be a nice addition to her home. When she told me this I was practically bursting with excitement. I was just too eager to use a space heating system and now that she had one I could give it a try without having to buy one. I asked her if I could try out her space heater and she laughed and told me yes but let her at least get to try it first! The two of us decided that we would wait until it was a nice and cold day and just wouldn’t run the heating system and would test out the space heating system instead to see how it did. Well considering that the two of us live in a cold climate we didn’t have to wait very long until it was a nice and cold day. Only two days later the temperatures were easily in the 30s and we broke out the space heater. The two of us were both amazed when we saw how well the space heater did, it did as good as our Central heating system and it costs half as much! We will definitely be using it all the time.

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