Home security system adds convenience

I originally looked into a home security system because I wanted to lower my insurance premiums.

I live in an extremely safe neighborhood.

If a package is left on my doorstep, it can sit there all day with no one stealing it. Although I felt a security system was necessary, the reduced cost of insurance helped to recover the investment. Because modern systems are wireless, the installation didn’t cause any damage or disruption to my home. I like knowing that I can keep up with advancing updates without needing to replace a bunch of hardware. I’ve found that the security system is wonderfully convenient. I have access to all sorts of features through an app on my home. Now, when a package is delivered, I receive an alert. I can look at real-time video and know exactly who is standing on my porch. I can even converse with them, even if I’m not at home. I have the option of unlocking and locking the door at any time. When I’m headed home from work, I can turn on specific lights and open up the garage door. One of my favorite features is the surveillance cameras. I typically get videos of squirrels, raccoons, foxes, possums, turkeys and deer in the year. I like to watch them. The house definitely feels safer now that everything is locked up tight. There are glass breakage sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and moisture sensors. I even get notified if there is a power outage. Because of the conveniences of the security system, I am considering taking the next step and upgrading to a whole-home automation system.

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