Grateful to work for an HVAC company

It’s been such an exciting journey since I started laboring. Many people find it odd that I get enthusiastic about going to work. But, I know you have to know my story to understand why it’s such a big deal. In school, I was rebellious and fell in with the wrong crowd. We’d skip school, do crazy things, and my fantastic friend and I also began using drugs. It wasn’t long until I was addicted and got into all sorts of mischief. My mom did her best to help, but I got worse. One time, I tried to cut into this shop to raid the register and got caught. Since I was only 17, I went to a juvenile detention center. I felt so low, however this was also a cut and I managed to get sober. Mom came in to visit one time and said he was giving me one chance to get my life in order or he never wanted to see me again. That was my wake up call, and a year and a half later, I went back to finish school. After graduating, I opted to go to trade school and train to become a HVAC specialist. There was a counselor at the juvenile detention center that helped me learn about the odd trades since I wasn’t interested in school. Working in heating and cooling sounded awesome, so I opted to go to a trade school near home. I’d labor at the local shops in the evening and go to labor during the day to help mom cover the costs of school. After I got my HVAC certification, I got an apprenticeship with a local business. I have been in training to become a specialist. I’m grateful to go to work each day.
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