Avery wanted a HEPA filter in her HVAC system

Avery was planning to go visit her parents this summer.

However, there was still some work to be done .

It had been almost a year since the last time Avery was home to see her mom, dad and younger sister. They do talk on the phone daily, but it’s not the same as being in the same room. So, she made sure to take time off to be there for her dad’s birthday. She planned to fly home and have her best friend pick her up. This was going to be a surprise. She knew she wouldn’t manage to keep such a secret. But, as she mentioned, she’d have to finish work at the office before she could go. Avery also wanted to handle a few matters at home, including servicing her air conditioning. The last time Avery had someone come as well as inspect it was the previous spring. This is a routine she’s been accustomed to since she first bought her home. The HVAC worker who came to install a new system insisted on proper maintenance. It was the best way to ensure the heating and cooling component has a longer lifespan. This time, Avery asked the contractor to put in a HEPA filter. She had read about HEPA filters and knew this would be excellent for her indoor air quality. The worker came out to do the service which includes replacing the old air filter.



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