An HVAC technician by day and musician at night

Andy and I have been together for three years.

I’m happy to see him thrive.

When we met, he was straight out of school and looking for work. Andy has enjoyed playing music part time since he was a teen. His passion for the guitar is evident from the moment he hits the stage. However, he chose to go to school after graduating high school. He worked during the day and played music after work. Andy had a choice between being a plumber and HVAC technician, he shared when we started dating. She chose the HVAC world, and began her training to become an HVAC technician. He would still play music in the evening while attending classes in the day. Andy graduated, and began work. We met at a local nightclub where he was playing music for a few hours. She asked me to join him for a late meal, and I agreed. That’s how we started dating, and soon we fell in love. About three months later, he got a reply from one of the HVAC companies about an apprentice position. It’s now been three years, and Andy is thriving as a HVAC tech. He also still plays music after work, and on time off. I continue to learn more about life from him. I feel this is why he is happy.


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