Corporate housing are cheaper than resorts

Traveling can become tedious, especially for someone who is not used to the back plus forth between sites, however and personally, when I travel, I like to feel comfortable wherever I decide to stay, however i am a consultant plus I travel a lot for my business, plus when I do, I adore to stay in corporate housing, but not only is the corporate housing cheaper than staying in a hotel room, but the housing will have the same amenities as a hotel plus occasionally even better, however for instance, a traditional hotel room will feature a bed, free coffee, a workspace plus possibly a standing area, all tucked inside a 300-square foot room.

In addition, the amenities will include a swimming pool, a fitness room, perhaps room repair plus a restaurant, plus a business center, and the cost of a great hotel room with those amenities could hover around $200 per night! Over time, that nightly rate does add up, plus would far exceed what I would spend money for bi-weekly rent at a corporate housing.

And corporate housing correctly offers the same amenities plus more than what I would get staying at a hotel. A full family room is always a selling point for me because I like the opportunity of cooking whenever I need to, however something that would be impossible while staying in a traditional hotel room. Not to mention that some hotel rooms don’t have microwaves, so food chances are really limited to room repair or take out. All in all, hotels are great for a quick weekend or 2-day trip, but corporate housing offers more amenities plus are cheaper for extended stays.

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