She had radiant heated flooring in her home

My partner recently made an upgrade to her condo without telling me, however now normally if this was on anything else I would be pretty sad about it, because the two of us normally talk about everything before we have anything done, and however, this was something that we had been talking about for a while and I was totally on board with, so what was the upgrade that was done to our home? It was having radiant heated flooring installed into our home.

The two of us live in a cold temperature and it typically is below cold every single winter time here.

It is for this reason that we not only have more than one method to keep ourselves overheated during the cold winter time months, we have both a fireplace and a central boiler however we were also looking to go from just heating the air to also heating the floors. The way that we were going to heat the floors is by using a radiant heated flooring system! Radiant heated flooring is amazing technology that allows you to add me more to your floors by installing a heated element underneath the floorboards. The heated element is super thin too and you will hardly even though it’s there, then my friend and I purchased the boiler a couple months ago and have been waiting for the right time to have it installed by the heating and A/C professionals. So I knew about the radiant floors the entire time however my partner decided to surprise me by going ahead and having it installed without telling me. It was a attractive surprise and now we both have overradiant floors that we can share together.