Your heating system frightens you

Installing a cooling or heating component is all fun until the sounds from the component frighten you when you least expect.

Most of these Heating and A/C units have a noise or sound that you should naturally expect from them.

However, the usual heating system sound is not alarming. In fact, it is a sign that the heating component works as it should. Silence could mean something is off. However, unusual loud sounds also indicate concerns that must be rectified by Heating and A/C pros. If your heating system or heating system is an old one, then it is normal for it to have a certain sound when starting. This shows that the ignition happened typically and that the heating system works. However, the sound is a simple click or pop sound. Also expected is the sound of crackling metal, as the heating system cools after a heating cycle. Other than these usual sounds, unusual excessive noises should be looked at more carefully. For instance, rumbling noises from an oil heating system signify a malfunctioning pilot light or a dirty burner. The sound may also be produced when the pilot light struggles to remain lit. The second sound to watch out for is rattling sounds. These often mean a loose door or access panel, and tightening screws could help resolve this. However, if it persists then the loose components could be internal and only a heating and A/C provider can handle such. On some occasions, rattling sounds could mean cracked heat exchangers, however persistent clicking sounds even after the heating system is lit may also indicate a complication with the heater. It is linked to a problematic ignition system. This may be caused by a faulty ignition valve/ board, a dirty burner, or a bad flame sensor. The control panel or the compressor could also cause clicking sounds if faulty. Have a professional Heating and A/C worker examine and repair the problems.

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