Your current heating system

I was among the first current homeowners on my block.

The years of sacrifice and saving had finally paid off as I was handed my current condo keys.

There was a lot I needed to check and sort before my family and I could move in though, and the top on the list was the Heating and A/C system. I had worked with a Heating and A/C specialist from the start to find the right cooling and heating unit, however what was left was for us to test the Heating and A/C system and confirm that it was working. I had a sensitive child at the condo and the air quality in my space was regularly a priority, but fortunately for me the Heating and A/C corporation I chose to work with was the best in our locale. They had the latest AC and heating system technology, and the Heating and A/C provider I was paired with was also good about finding a/c and heating solutions for their purchasers. After appropriate AC and heating system installation, it was finally time to test the Heating and A/C unit’s efficiency. My pal and I picked a boiling hot afternoon to test the AC. First I switched the a/c and left it on for about 15 minutes, as it was important to test it in the right environment. I then tested a thermistor on the supply register to gauge the AC’s peak performance. I repeated the thermometer testing at the vent, and fortunately for me the AC passed the test as it cooled the space as expected. The Heating and A/C professional also reminded me of ways I could make the AC labor better. Heating and A/C maintenance was important and he needed me to ensure that windows and doors are closed most times to avoid overworking the a/c. He also insisted on ensuring the vents are regularly clean to avoid blockage. Finally, he took me through the AC air filter changing process just to be sure I got it right.


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