I had to change my furnace filter

An obstructed filter was the cause of my concerns

I have regularly considered myself a tech-savvy individual! Unluckily, due to the nature of my job I did not get to do much around the house. I relied heavily on external help for Heating and A/C repairs and other handyman services. This meant I was ignorant of many basic Heating and A/C maintenance services and had to spend money for it the hard way! One time when spending a few weekends at home, I noted that the air blowing in from the a/c felt dusty and stale. I couldn’t shake off the bad odor, not to mention that I sneezed regularly. This went on for a while and I couldn’t understand why since the Heating and A/C specialist was here for usual a/c maintenance a week before. I had no option but to call the Heating and A/C corporation provider that inspected my Heating and A/C system. The supplier sent someone to check the a/c unit and this a/c repair professional came in, fumbled with the AC and left, promising improvement. Unluckily, I still sneezed and couldn’t use the cooling component that night despite the boiling hot weather. I switched off the main a/c component and opted for a window AC until the next afternoon. I decided to call a different Heating and A/C provider for a second opinion and the current a/c maintenance expert found the complication almost instantaneously. An obstructed filter was the cause of my concerns. He said that no sound Heating and A/C corporation expert would miss that, unless they did that deliberately. He showed me how to check and upgrade the filters, and the Heating and A/C professional was so kind that he recommended to me what to check for when searching for efficient AC filters. The Heating and A/C specialist further recommended a HEPA filter for my space and insisted on checking the filter respectfully, especially during the flu symptom/ pollen season.

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