Fixing my heating component after a vacation

I did not expect to be away that long, but my corporation trip had me gone from my condo for over seven long months.

I was coming back close to winter and I wasn’t sure if everything worked well.

My heating system was pretty old and I needed a heating and A/C specialist to examine it before the cold finally set in fully. I suspected something was wrong with the heating unit and it would not surprise me if the best recommendation was to upgrade it. The Heating and A/C corporation I worked with for all of the heating system repairs was regularly helpful. They sent me a heating system installation and heating system expert. The Heating and A/C expert began by checking for obvious problems considering that I had skipped the annual routine maintenance that guaranteed efficiency. All the filters were obstructed and would cause airflow resistance and this would mean that my heating system would overwork and even trip the limit switch that regulated the heating system fans. He changed the filters first, and surprisingly there was no significant wear and tear that would affect the heater’s efficiency. The ignition/pilot control surprised me the most, as it was intact. The control component needed a bit of tuning up, but other than that it was perfectly okay. I was assured that the control component would get me the comfort levels I needed with proper temperature settings. The Heating and A/C professionals then tested the healing component to verify the surface checks. Except for the initial burning odor, the heating system seemed to labor perfectly. It heated my condo well and wasn’t as noisy as I thought it would be. Whether this was a sheer miracle or an indicator that I had one of the best heating units still remains a mystery to me. The heating system served me for six more years without any hitches until I chose to upgrade to a newer and more efficient version.


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