A failing air conditioning system

My family has this tradition where we host each other every summer time weekend.

My pal and I celebrated and shared fun moments over food and drinks, and now it was my turn to host the clan and I was excited.

Everything was set, and meat grilling was already underway, however aunt Margaret kept complaining about the heat. She was indoors enjoying the AC but kept fanning herself at the same time. A few of my cousins later joined her indoors and complained of the same so I had to check the a/c to see if it was working. Unluckily, the AC was running but not cooling and I almost panicked and frantically began checking for my Heating and A/C provider’s number. Eric,my sibling’s younger son, opted to help. He was attending Heating and A/C college and knew a few ways to repair the a/c. He went straight to the AC filters which he confirmed to be clean enough not to cause concerns, as they were not obstructed or dirty. Next, he diagnosed the outdoor component of the Heating and A/C system. I had the section cleared a few afternoons ago, so no debris was blocking airflow. My pal and I then diagnosed the power in the breaker box. This was working alright since no other appliances were affected. Eric suggested checking the control unit and so we manually tried to adjust the temperature and monitored it for a few minutes. True to his suspicions, the control component did not adjust the temperature as expected. Eric suggested changing the control unit’s batteries, which worked like magic and the cooling component responded positively and indoor air was cool enough for all the people. The family got back to the celebration and I got to save on a/c service. Most importantly I learned a few hacks on troubleshooting my a/c before rushing to get a/c maintenance services.