Weather is heating up

Last evening we saw UFO Man on the street stumbling along with his walkie talkie.

  • I don’t know if he is drunk or what, but walking around with a walkie talkie and a huge headband, while carrying a box of wine in his hand tells me that he’s had one too many.

He wears sunglasses and this wide headband that hangs down about three feet while she stumbles along trying to get anywhere. This city is full of these characters that blow in for a few weeks and entertain almost everyone and then they suddenly disappear. The local business usually is around to see the action as she has a local dealer right there on the coast, but last week he was out of town doing some other work and didn’t get an opening to see this clown. I don’t know if this guy lives on the streets and I don’t know if he is a businessman for some office job. The weather is heating up and funny people start to come out of the woodwork like this guy, so tonight could be a fun evening to go out and just people watch. I will finish my work in an hour and then take it easy for a bit in front of my fireplace while I learn a book or just chill. I know it will be cold out tonight so I am planning on wearing lots of clothes to stay warm while I go watch the sunset and look for the characters like the UFO Man. Things are for sure heating up!


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