Waking up for the heating contractor

It is such a cool crisp April morning and I am thankful for all the things I have in life, especially my fine health and some pretty cool friends.

I could worry about all that is missing in my life and make myself feel bad about it, however how would that help me be a delighted lady in the end? It’s almost as if I have to lie to myself and tell myself how enjoyable life is when things might not be going exactly how I want them to go.

Life can’t be controlled 100% of the time, so when your hot water boiler breaks down in the middle of winter season you have to look at the bright side; cold refreshing showers that supercharge me each morning. My associate Ed and I haven’t had hot water in a month now, and with it being the colder time of the season the showers are entirely invigorating to say the very least. I do feel better after a cold shower, so not having a water heating component does deliver a few benefits if you can look at it from that angle. The taxing part is when you come to the house from the beach at night and are cold and then have to jump into a colder shower to clean the sand and dirt off of you. This happened the other night, but I just rolled with it and turned on the electric furnace and heated up the whole flat so it was nice and overheated after the cold water of the shower. I am trying to learn to just be delighted with what I have in life.

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