Three water boilers in the bag

I am getting so close to finishing my blogs for the morning and after that I am going to take a little nap.

My associate Ed and I played almost 12 games of volleyball the other day and Ed and I are both totally rinsed today.

I cooked an ibuprofen and had some cooling gel on my knees to try and help with the pain. I also have to workout later today with Ed, so needless to say I have some resting to do before that time comes, and i still have two more hours to get my work done and take a quick nap with my media air cleaner, which serves as a white noise unit to drown out the noises around the area. I will entirely just try to rest and not sleep, however that is also unbelievable because my body needs all the sleep it can get right now. I have a small heating component in my room that I need to wrap up, as winter season is fading the temps are starting to heat up, making me feel about cleaning out the a/c system before I turn it on for the season. It will be unbelievable for another month or so though because it heats up gradually here in this neighborhood and not so suddenly like the house back in the south where I am from. I will go to the local company later tomorrow and buy a HEPA air filter for the system so that I am ready for all of that pollen that comes from all the oak trees around this time of the year. It should be a nice month.

a/c install