She works at the local HVAC dealer

I will work for a little bit longer and after that I will rest my eyes for an hour and do some yoga.

My flatmate is here and I will hang out with her to get in some socializing because this city can isolate you with the packed streets that are too tough to navigate. It gets actually crowded with rowdy tourists and I end up staying in the flat too much, and when my flatmate is gone I end up talking to the cats most of the afternoon. So while she is here I will visit with her with air conditioning blowing in the background to keep us cool on these toasty afternoons. She is a cool roommate and we are just staying friends so there is no drama. She works at this local dealer and I sometimes go down there to visit her and appreciate some free temperature control while I listen to a band playing in the pub. We have fun hanging out here some evenings just listening to songs and telling funny stories about life, and sometimes we just rest and listen to songs without saying a word. I will clean the HEPA filter later when she leaves so that it is ready for the air conditioning unit that is going to be running almost nonstop pretty soon. I know the summer heat is going to be here actually soon so I want to be ready for it when it arrives. The cooling company has a sale on control units and we are thinking about getting one for our unit.



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