My neighbor cranks up his gas heater

Living in a big city close to others can be a double-edged sword.

While it is wonderful to have neighbors on whom you can depend in times of need, it can be irritating when they participate in annoying or terrible behaviors.

Music is loud, drunks are everywhere during party nights and sometimes the cops are called. Sleep at night can be terrible at times. Then there is the concern about one of my neighbors who use their gas heater. I get it, a gas heater can warm up a place pretty quickly, especially during the frigid winter months. I guess I’m not a fan of the noise it makes. When I’m trying to relax or go to sleep outside of the other things I mentioned, the gas heater they have can be quite annoying. On top of that, I’m a health nut and love our planet. The gas heater can create a lot of pollution. When the gas is burned, it releases a variety of toxic chemicals into the air. The pollutants can affect allergies which in turn can cause respiratory issues. I don’t really want to talk about climate change because that is another issue. It’s just annoying that I know when my neighbor cranks up his gas heater. I tried talking to him but he didn’t care about what I said. I told him I’d even look into a quote from the HVAC company to possibly change that gas heater into an electric heater. I hope someday he realizes that he is making the wrong choice and moves in a better, healthier direction for us and our planet.

a/c serviceman