I like being a HVAC tech

I will write for ten more minutes and after that I need to rest my eyes for a bit.

Maybe I’ll make my grilled cheese sandwich while I take a break from the screen.

I will eat that and then do my yoga while listening to a Spanish podcast, kind of like two birds with one stone multitasking. If I don’t understand some of the words on the podcast, when my yoga is done I will go look at the transcript and see what the words mean. I am getting better at the language but still have to push myself. Heating and cooling repair is going to be on the agenda next week as I work on some new commercial system for this local dealer in town. I know that the job will pay well and it may take us a few weeks to do, but when it is all over we will be gleeful that we got the job finished. I like being an HVAC tech and actually like the HVAC I work for, and I hope that they will keep me on board for a few more years. I know with some luck I could keep working for them until it is time to collect my benefits from the governments after forty years of working. I started working in the cooling systems world back when I was 15, as my dad had his own heating company company and would have me come in each afternoon to clean up the floors of the store. Well, after 40 years of working I feel I am due for a break.

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