Hot water boilers are my heating choice

I may be in the minority here, but I feel that hot water boilers are the best form of heating.

  • Not to mention they are the oldest form of heating in the world,.Hot water boilers have been around since nearly the beginning of human time right after the cavemen.

And today hot water boilers have not been discontinued even with the onset of central heating and air conditioning systems being the most primary source of heating and air conditioning in people’s homes these days. What people do not know about hot water boilers is that they require much less maintenance than central heating and air conditioning system’s heaters do. You can also save tons of energy with a hot water boiler because it runs mostly on hot water. Much like that of radiant heated floors, but much cheaper to buy and much easier to maintain as I was stating above. I will always keep a hot water boiler as my form of heating. No mater what anyone says or does. I am not about the latest and greatest in heating and air conditioning technology because let’s face it, it is not necessarily true that new heating and air conditioning technology and heating and air conditioning equipment is better than the old. In some cases maybe, but in most it is rarely the case. I know many people that do not embrace today’s heating and air conditioning technology. And I am one of those people myself! A hot water boiler will always be in my home until I can not buy a new one!

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