Hot water boiler got lost in transit

I am almost finished with all my work online and after that I will take a split and just chill out for a little while.

This week is a quiet morning in the neighborhood as it is Monday and all of the tourists who were here the other day are back to their normal lives and toiling at their tasks.

I am going to rest for most of the morning and I will entirely go to the music store and check out a drum kit for sale and decide if I shall get it. It is a little drum and I want it for when I play at local businesses, because my big drums are way too big to basket around. I feel I have enough money to buy it today, however if I have to wait another couple of weeks it won’t be a big deal. My heating contractor guitarist Ed is away for a couple of weeks doing some Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs on her condo, so I won’t need the little drum for a little bit longer. I would like to have it when Ed and I do a gig for this current business at her house, and I feel she has a fireplace out near her back patio that my associate and I can play beside that night to stay warm. It is April now however the overly warm weather won’t really be here for another month or so, so having some heat while Ed and I play at night is a fine thing because my hands don’t do well drumming when they are too cold. But I have a little heating component I use to heat up my hands if Ed has no fire in the fireplace that night.

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