Hot sizzling summers

If I can muster up the energy to write two more articles today then tomorrow I will have a nice light workload.

I know I could get my work done tomorrow in about an hour and a half and then have the rest of the afternoon to play some ball with my friends.

I know today is a bit too windy for volleyball, so this is the perfect afternoon to relax at home and play with my cats. It is warm in this flat as it has some good insulation and newer windows, as opposed to some homes with air conditioning on the whole year. It is not the normal air conditioning that you are thinking of, but more like the air conditioning that comes from old windows that leak cold air into the dwelling all winter season long. This place was built 12 years ago and seems to be built pretty well. I like that it has a central heating and air conditioner because dragging those dumb space furnaces around from room to room gets old actually fast. And living in the summer without cool air in the flat is just downright horrible. This place has a good air conditioning system and it actually comes in handy during those hot summer evenings when the low temp is 90F all evening. I’ve tried to sleep in a kitchen during the summer with just a fan and it is next to impossible to do. Now I can crank the smart control unit down all evening and sleep like a bear in the nice cool room.


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