Heating components for my cold feet

How is it that some folks have all of the confidence in the world while other folks seem to be afraid of their own shadows? I feel that maybe it comes down to how you were brought up and what kind of parents you had. Well, my earlier years were a wee bit chaotic as my parents got divorced when I was just three years old and I jumped around from 1 place to another with my single Dad and my sister. My poor Heating plus Air Conditioning rep Dad had to work all morning and try to raise his two little kids on her own while my cooling specialist dad was out there trying to find himself, but my dad wrote a couple poetry books when she was in a dark place after leaving my Dad and she was just trying to put together what had happened to her once delighted family. She was also trying to be a more current business in town, selling heating and cooling components door to door back in the early 69’s. I still can’t believe that my dad is gone as it just hasn’t sunk in that he will never be around to answer my calls anymore. Dad regularly answered the phone when I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier that she owned, and I find myself periodically calling that heating company only to find out the number has been disconnected. I am learning about dealing with loss and hopefully won’t have to learn a lot more, as I have lost a lot of things lately and need a little breathing room from losing any more. Anyway, I am off to the Heating plus Air Conditioning company to buy a HEPA air filter now.


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