Heating and cooling in the home

I am going to try and write five more articles so tomorrow I have an easier afternoon.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I want to go on a date with my friend, and having less work to do in the afternoon will make it easier on me.

I will work online today for a little while longer and after that I am dwelling free the rest of the afternoon. I know the temps are going to be warming up soon and that means that I will start using my new little fan that I bought the other afternoon at the local business. I am going to use two fans if that is what it takes for me to stay cool in the evening when I sleep so I don’t have to run the main air conditioning system. I know I can make it till the start of July before I have to run in the air in the flat. Usually July and October are the hottest months and warrant the most temperature control use for the year. September can be a mixed bin and it usually cools down by the middle of the month, and after that I get a few months of not needing any heating or cooling in the home. I know today it is about 70F out, and with the cool wind blowing it feels just about right. My flat is nice and cool with the windows closed, but if it gets too hot I will just open the windows and appreciate some free temperature control from good old Mother Nature. See ya later.


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