Heated water bottle warmed me up

My hands are finally warm and I know this hot water bottle was the secret.

I let my hands rest on the hot bottle and it slowly heats them up to the point where they are no longer cold. It takes a while to get the blood warm in the hands, but if you are patient with the hot water bottle it usually does the trick in warming them up! My feet also feel cold so I will put the water bottle on my feet soon and let it do its job of warming them up too. Heating devices are also good at warming up cold body parts, although I like to save cash with my power bills and just use a hot water bottle instead. I have a good setup in my flat now that I have a roommate, and it is a lot less stressful now that my bills are basically cut in half. She works for this local dealer and doesn’t make a lot of cash, so I gave her a lower rent because she is such a good roommate. I pay about $150 more in rent but it is fantastic with me because I still have enough cash to pay all my bills each month and save a little. We just try to use the furnace and air conditioning unit less so that we can save cash on the electric bills each month. The weather is pretty mild right now so we won’t have to worry about using it for another couple of months or so.

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