Four more hybrid heating systems

Today is a day of clearing the mind and resting the body. Yesterday was a long day and we did a lot of sports and partying and my body is telling me to slow down today and rest. I can still hear my dad’s words telling me “you gotta learn to relax”, so today I’ll heed his advice and just stay in and rest. I have some work to do online, only about an hour or so, and then I am going to do a seated meditation and just let my mind relax and listen to the music. The local business near me is having a sale on fruits and veggies because their refrigeration system is not working well and they don’t want the food to go bad. I will go there in another hour once my work is done and see what kind of food they have that interests me. I could talk to them about their HVAC system problem to see if they need some help with it. I have some good connections in the industry and I think I can help them out by getting them a good price on a new system. My boss sells HVAC systems for businesses like theirs and I will see if they want him and I to come by to take a look at what they have in there now and if we have a refrigeration system that we could install. Maybe they could pay us in fruit and vegetables instead of cash, haha right. I’m sure my HVAC rep boss wouldn’t want 5000 apples and oranges.


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