Chocolate, peanuts, and good heating

I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate, but I don’t like to eat too much sugar, so I found a chocolate that is sweetened with maltitol and it tastes really good. I eat the chocolate with peanuts and it tastes just like a Snickers bar. I eat this with my coffee in the morning and it fills me up for a little while and gives me my chocolate fix for the day without all of the sugar. Some people eat donuts and coffee each morning for breakfast, but that is too much sugar for me in the morning. My local contractor got me to stop eating sugar a few years ago and it really has helped with my joint pain a lot so that I can work on heat pumps without feeling lots of agony. I also do cold water soaks each day for 10 minutes and that really helps to relieve any residual pain that I may be feeling from playing too much sports. Today I will go to this local business later to practice Spanish with a group of people and then I have a date with my lady later on. We are going to eat dinner at this nice restaurant and then watch a good sunset on the pier while playing a little music. That is going to be my Saturday night, followed by a movie next to my fireplace while we hang out with my cats and chill. It is really cold out so we won’t be out much once the sun goes down as the temps really drop then.
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