Bringing my own heating and cooling

Everytime I go anywhere on the road and am traveling I always make sure that I bring along either a portable space heater or a portable air conditioning system.

The reason for this is because I never know where I am going to be staying along the way.

Wherever I am at could very well have bad heating and air conditioning. And if this is the case, rather than have to suffer without good indoor comfort I bring my own heating and air conditioning that I know will keep me warm or cool so I can relax and sleep at night. I do not know what I would do without portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems. These portable forms of heating and air conditioning equipment are the best thing that heating and cooling technology has brought to us today. I am so happy that it is possible to have portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems. Because back in the day this was just not possible, Portable space heaters were not really portable at all, and portable air conditioning systems simply just did not exist at all. You only had swamp coolers for cooling in a sense when it came to portable things. And those swamp coolers couldn’t cool anything except the 2 feet in front of it! It was really a joke if you ask me. I am just so grateful for the heating and air conditioning technology today that gives us portable HVAC equipment. It really is the greatest.


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