Asking out the AC tech

I’ve been taking a cold dip every morning to energize me and the water is still freezing cold enough to do the trick, so earlier this morning I plopped in it again in an hour to get my brain going.

I’m going to hopefully see this lady Ed later and ask her to come to our beachside celebration later tonight, as I’ve known Ed for a year or two and am feeling kind of attracted to her. I thought Ed was a pot smoker and I really can’t date a smoker, but I found out she quit so now the sands have shifted. Heating plus Air Conditioning repair is what I do for a living during the mornings and I’ve been leading a pretty mundane life as far as my dating world goes, so maybe it is time to take a small risk and see if any heart shaped doors open up for this old heating and cooling repairman. Life gets a little drab when you are all alone, and I’ve been on my own for a year and four months and I feel it is time to get off this high horse and ask a pretty lady out, what do you think? I’m just distraught that Ed will say no and I’ll see her every morning when I pass by the heating contractor office where Ed works when I am on my way to my Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier on the same street. But so what, if Ed knows I like her I don’t feel she is going to feel less of me right? I feel that my Heating plus Air Conditioning tech mind just thinks too much most of the time.

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