National air conditioning day in my home

Did you know that there is a national air conditioning day? Actually, there are two weeks of appreciation starting July 3rd of this year.

My family recognizes this day and the importance that air conditioning has in our everyday lives.

Maybe we are a little weird but we take this day seriously because where we live, the temperatures can go well above 90 degrees during the summer. We begin by inspecting the air filters in our air conditioning system to ensure that they are clean and functional. This is a critical stage in ensuring that our air conditioning system is operating at peak efficiency. We then change the thermostats to the appropriate temperature. My family and I prefer to maintain our house at a comfortable 71 degrees. We also try our best to not set the temperature too low because this can waste energy and raise our electric bill. We can feel the cool air moving throughout the home once the dial thermostat is set. It’s a cool sensation, most definitely on an extremely hot day. My family and I will sit in the living room and watch a movie or TV show. We grab snacks and drinks as well because, especially on July 3rd, we know we will be spending the day inside our home, enjoying the cool air. I should say we do get outside to appreciate the sunlight and my husband starts a BBQ for dinner. Outside of that, there really isn’t much else we do. Small BBQ, air conditioning, and some television on this day is our yearly routine and I love every minute of it.


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