My sister is jealous that I control the electric heater

I don’t understand why my sister is so jealous of me.

Actually, maybe I do, it could be because I’m the second child and I get pretty much everything I want but is that normal for parents to do that to their children? I understand some parents are in a trial and error with the first child and maybe some of the mistakes they had with my sister are something they don’t want to create with me.

My sister is 16 and I am 13 so I can understand that she feels that she has more of a say in things. Unfortunately for her she doesn’t, but for me this is great! I pretty much have a “get out of jail” free card which I will never lose. My parents let me suggest movies to watch, I have the choice of what we are going to eat for dinner a couple of times a week, and I get to control the temperature on the electric heater. On top of that, the electric heater has a smart thermostat so I can change the temperature of the house when I’m laying in bed. I still don’t know why my parents let me control the temperature of the house but I’m not going to complain. The house is usually set to 66 degrees every day which I feel is a comfortable temperature but not for my sister. She wants that up 10 degrees to 76. That is something I can’t stand and many times she is told to grab a blanket and wear her slippers. I understand her jealousy but I have the power and until that is taken away from me, I have control of the electric heater!

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